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The real luxury of life is being healthy, looking young, and staying free of all kinds of disease. While a lot is available online which promotes youth through artificial methodologies. We believe in longevity and youthful life through natural human effort. It might sound a little historical, however, we have picked our tools from the different Vedas and the age-old practices across the world.

Nature is full of those wonderful medicinal values which we have not been able to unearth and expedite to date. Our little knowledge about the flora gifted to the natural environment has filled our life with goodness and health. Welcome to the world of the natural goodness of health and well-being at River Salon and Day Spa. We bring you back to our methodologies of the olden days of beautiful shimmering skin and radiance with our best massage spa in Chennai with the help of nature’s gift to mankind.

Our Spa Services

World-Class Spa technique and Well experts therapist in River Salon and Day Spa In Chennai

Our massages are age-old techniques that were practiced in the olden times. It rejuvenates the skin and helps in exfoliation which takes away the old and dead skin from the dermal layer. It helps people to relax from the everyday rush of life and relax in our luxurious world of spa where we have world-class staff and a master trainer from Bali who will attend you with their expertise and take you through healthy experiences with aromatic oil which is full of therapeutic values and wellbeing for mankind.

Gain Natural Treatment in Best Spa Get Relaxation and Anew Smooth Skin

River Salon and Day Spa is the best massage spa in Chennai has other services to lead to a youthful skin and enhance the beauty of individuals. Skin reacts positively to natural fruits available in nature. The vitamins and the minerals provided by them are of great value for the health and the dermal layer of the skin. Some of the massages we provide to our clients are Swedish Massage, Foot Reflexology, Detoxifying Massage, Synchronized Massage, Thai Body Massage, Abhyanga Massage, Deep tissue Massage, Couples massage and many other kinds of massages that are famous all across the world. Fruit Scrub, Coffee Scrub, Lemongrass Scrub, Sea Salt Scrub are some of the scrubs which has worked like a magical potion on the skin of people who visit us for our services. Our body wraps are not only detoxifying they also provide exfoliation of the skin which naturally brings out the best looks and the tender skin which looks fresh and beautiful. Our services will help recede the aging process and reverse the wrinkles appearing on the face of aging individuals.



River Salon and Day Spa

Finest Style with Best Salon Expertise in River Salon and Day Spa In Chennai

Our salons are equipped with the latest technology and techniques which keeps our clients abreast with the latest fashion trends across the world. Hairstyling, coloring, latest hairdos, haircuts, pedicure, and manicure are our specialties. We also specialize in bridal and groom makeup for marriages and various kinds of packages are available under various categories. We make you realize your dream through our talent and expertise. Come at River Salon and Day Spa at the location nearest to your home for the Best  Hair Salon & spa in Chennai.

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