River Day Spa

Riverday spa’s speciality signature massage therapies use natural and internationally renowned spa products that offer you a haven of relaxation right in the heart of chennai.Our Massage centers are conveniently located in the heartstrings of Chennai with easy access to the Metro & Local Train services.

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River Day Spa-More than just a Massage Center in chennai

Deep Tissue full body massage
Body Wrap Treatments
Massage Strokes for Complete Body
Body Scrub Treatmen
Combining Body Massage & Spa Therapy
Ayurvedic Body Massage

Our Services

best swedish massage in chennai

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage offers a calming relief to the entire body. It helps alleviate fatigue and muscle stiffness that is caused by the everyday routine grind. It helps improve circulation and relieves everyday tension and stress.

best thai massage in chennai

Thai Massage

Treat your body, mind and spirit to an extraordinary and complete de-stressing, reviving, experience with traditional Thai massage therapy from River Day Spa.

best deep tissue massage in chennai

Deep Tissue Massage

Our Special Deep Tissue Massage targets deeper tissue structures of the facial and body muscles. it is focussed on pains and aches that use techniques that assist your body’s natural healing process.

best sports massage in chennai

Sports Massage

Sports Massages from River Day Spa helps prevent injuries, improves endurance, reduces fatigue, promotes flexibility and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance.

Rekindle Your Romance with Couples Massage

Spend some quality time with your spouse by our exclusive massage package to Couples(with couple massage offers) about bond up as a family with massage and spa services that begins with special Family spa discounts. Visit us in any of our Chennai Spa areas and give us please by customized body massage Services tailored to your requirements! Among Chennai people. one of these most common conditions of pressure is professional stress. If daily work tension and stress appear to pull yourself down. Visit River day Spa. and experience that difference! Studies own time and again proved that Massage treatment holds the magical power to decrease stress and also promotes mental wellness.

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Spa Features

Relaxing Massage

Receiving a massage is good for your mind body and soul with living a healthy lifestyle.


Spa candle aromatherapy stress relief soy wax scented candle


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Hot Stones

It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues.


Spa Treatment That You Must Try Without Fail

With a range of services like foot reflexology, Thai massage, deep tissue therapy, and others, the therapists at River Day Spa work on pampering more than the skin. Every treatment and therapy we offer brings respite from stress and pain. From head to toe, from the skin to the cell, we cater to every possible need for full body and mind relaxation.