Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga Massage

Built Wellness with Mythology Method of Abhyanga Massage at River Salon and Day Spa

The Abhyanga massage is an ancient culture that means practice. Massage according to Ayurveda is not a solitary day affair. Oiling of the body is a key factor to wellness and needs to be built into the daily routine of every individual. Abhyanga massage has been mentioned in the old scriptures of Indian mythology which dates to the 7th-8th AD. It focuses on living right which also means eating the right kind of food to remove the doshas(illness) in the body. In this form of therapy, the body is massaged with warm oil to give the right kind of medicinal effect on the person receiving the massage.  Come become a part of an age-old tradition as scripted in books of mythology. At our Best spa in Chennai, we take you through the pages of the history of wellness and health.

Aromatic Oil Massage will Enhance your Body.

Ayurveda has laid a lot of stress on three doshas which are Vata, Kapha, and Pitt. The body to stay healthy needs to have a balance of all the three Vata, Kapha, and Pitt. They have stressed following a daily routine which also includes the timing and the kind of food to be consumed on a daily basis to stay healthy. Face pack or ubtan (face pack) and oiling with aromatic oil is an important part of the schedule for any individual. The aromatic oil and ubtan would be different for each dosha. The effect of these massages can be felt through reduction of stress and control of the blood pressure of the individual. During a massage, the blood vessels expand due to the constant pressure with the help of fingers and palms. This helps in better circulation of the blood which helps in a continuous supply in the body. To improve the circulatory system in your body and to glow with health come for an Abhyanga massage to our Best massage spa in Chennai.

Warm Oil Massage attains the Best Benefits results for the Body and Mind for all Ageing.

One of the best outcomes of a regular massage is skin tone. Usually, people who regularly oil their skin and hair tend to have healthy skin and good growth of hair. However, the skin types are different and massaging techniques for different age of people is also different. Especially when people are aging the skin tends to gather wrinkles and pigmentation which can be a source of worry for many. Abhyanga massage is great with skin treatment. A regular massage with warm oil with the help of trained hands helps in removing wrinkles and deep pigmentation from the face which makes the face look younger. To treat aging skin, walk into our spa for a Best massage in Chennai.


Gain Eudemonia Massage and Relive Happily.

Abhyanga massage is a great detox for the body. It works on the lymphatic drainage through the process of massage which enhances the blood flow in the body and takes out the toxins which increase the overall wellness factor. Our massages are wonderful and warm oil is said to have a magical effect on stiff muscles. If you are looking for a therapist to treat a sore point in your body, come to our Best spa in Chennai and get the massage back to wellness.