Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot Reflexology Massage

Find Smooth Foot Reflexology Massage and Refreshed with Yourself at River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai

Foot Reflexology is an old tradition that has been passed through generations in Egypt. We can see pictures of its presence in pictures as old as 2330 BC. Later its presence has been seen in India and China especially in Buddha’s times. A reflexologist uses a map of the hand, feet, and ear to understand the different pressure points in the body and uses it to provide relief through massage therapy. It is extremely useful in providing relief to painful parts of the body come to River Salon and Day Spa for the Best  Massage spa in Chennai.

Make your Tried Foot as Strength with Magic Hands - Foot Reflexology Massage.

It has been found to provide immense relief in many diseases especially if the person is suffering from diseases like painful nerve end and, migraine. If you are looking for relief from painful nerves walk River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai for a walk back to a healthy and disease-free life.  One of the major reasons why people walk into a spa is when they are too tensed due to their life or wants a disease-free body without consuming medicines or an old injury has been consuming their peace and has not found any source of relief. Many onlookers view a spa also as a part of their beauty treatment to treat their hair and skin which glistens and shines after treatment from expert hands.

The experienced hands of our healers will leave you with a sense of wellness and health which is extremely overwhelming at times. Especially when practiced hands recognize and put gentle pressure on parts of the body that are injured or painful the relief and energy moving to such parts is beyond words of description. A reflexologist will not avoid painful or congested parts of the body. Gentle hands will keep putting slight pressure on such points till the pain becomes light or gives in completely. For such a delightful journey back to health and fitness come and join us for a Best Foot Reflexology massage spa in Chennai.

Connect Your Major Muscles organs with Massage, Make as Strong and Broke Your Pain in River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai.

A therapist who practices reflexology believes that all nerves in the hands, legs, and ears are connected in some way or the other to the major organs in the body. Putting pressure on these nerve ends in one way or the other brings a person back to a disease-free life. According to the Chinese medicinal practice, their pressure on these vital points helps in the free flow of vital energy which is essential for healthy living. It can also help in calming down the central nervous system in the body which is disrupted due to irregular blood flow in the body. Beyond everything, it soothes down body and mind which is bubbling with some excitement or other. For such calming and nerve soothing experience walk to River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Foot Reflexology Massage spa in Chennai.


Ponting Each Foot Parts Create an Immune System - Foot Reflexology Massage.

Our customers come to us to find relief from pain which they gather in life.  To bounce back in life with full enthusiasm and regain the old charisma we provide you the needed healing touch. Many people fighting a weak immune system or sinus are also our regular visitors. We send them back smiling to look forward to life with enthusiasm. To connect back to life and smile at your everyday issues walk to us and let us know your troubles; we promise to put a smile back on your face for the Best Foot Reflexology spa in Chennai.