Head Toe Aroma Massage

Head Toe Aroma Massage

Relax with Ultimate Head Toe Aroma Aroma Massage at River Salon and Day Spa

Head Toe Aroma massage therapy has a very old history in the world civilization. A French chemist realized that the Lavender oil benefitted him greatly when he applied it to a burn. This incident helped him to realize the benefit of aroma oils on the body. The used aroma oils are natural extracts from the plant which is used for healing purposes. It has a huge effect on the mental and physical health of people. The extract can be a part of a root, a flower, or rarely available medicinal herbs which has the ability to heal a wound or pain. To find out the wonders of aroma therapy walk into our best spa in Chennai at River Salon and Day Spa.

Settle Down Your Body & Relieve From Tension

Usually, people confuse a fragrance oil with aroma oil, which is not true. It can be that the fragrance oil does not even contain essential oil. Aroma oil on the other hand is an extract of a plant and essentially contains 2% of essential oil which greatly benefits the body. It’s said that this treatment is great for people who have been under a lot of stress in life due to work or personal reasons. It works on your senses calming you down and brings back a happy feeling inside you. It also works on the overworked nerves to settle down and relax. If you are feeling worked up and need to detox, come to our best massage spa in Chennai.

Medical Herb's oil Massages will be Control Stress and Refresh.

There is a range of oil that treats the fungal infection. Essential oils like clove oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil is said to be great for treating fungal growth. Among the three oils clove oil is said to be the best which treats many kinds of skin infection other than a fungal infection. Many kinds of anti-fungal creams are available in the market however it is a sustainable therapy to get the treatment done through medicinal herbal oils through an aroma therapy. If you are in the city of Chennai and you feel you need relaxation, come for a massage to our best massage spa in Chennai.


Gentle Massage with Aromatic Oils - River Salon and Day Spa.

The aroma of aromatic oils helps in the better functioning of the olfactory nerves. It is great especially for those who are facing congestion or a bitter bite of cold. It also tends to have an effect on the brain which helps in relaxing the nerves and puts people emotionally at rest. The oils are said to have an anti-microbial and anti-oxidant property which is great for the body. A massage with the oil or a few drops of the oil in bathing water tends to take have multifarious effects on the human senses. As the senses soothe it becomes easy for people to come out of a multitude of physical troubles like blood pressure, bringing back hormonal balance in the body. People come to our spa to work on their skin tone and relieve pressure of everyday life and enjoy River Salon and Day Spa, in its aromatic environment that is full of health and vitality.