Lemongrass Scrub

Lemongrass Scrub

Hiding Tan will Remove with Natural Lemongrass Scrub - River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai

The natural gift of nature lemongrass has huge antioxidant properties. It is effective in antibacterial and antifungal treatment and lowers down inflammation on affected body parts. The use of lemongrass has been mentioned in the books of Ayurveda.  While we move around doing our everyday work, we tend to gather pollution, dust, and tan. This does not go away by washing the skin with water and soap. Natural ingredients like fruits and lemongrass are good for the body that helps spotlessly cleaning the dermal layer leaving it shiny and soft. If you want a spotless, radiant skin come at River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Lemongrass Scrub Massage spa in Chennai.

Best Lemongrass Scrub will Provide Good Effects for your Skin Soft.

Lemongrass has medicinal values the smell itself works on migraine patients helping them with easing the pain. It has a good effect on the overall well-being of the epidermal layer. Especially it assists in its detox. Many people who have acne and pimple problems tend to use the lemongrass scrub or oil to get relief from the itchiness and the pain caused by blisters. Acne and rashes occur equally in men and women so lemongrass is good for both. It also has anti-aging properties due to which it is high in demand across all age groups. If you want to get rid of pimples and acne you can come at River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Lemongrass Scrub Massage center in Chennai.


Make Your Routine Life Fresh and New with Lemongrass Scrub

If you are used to taking a lemongrass tea early in the morning you already know how it helps you in feeling fresh and pulls you back in your daily routine with ease. Similarly, a lemongrass scrub removes all dead skin from the surface helping the skin to exfoliate. It brings out a livelier dermal layer that is bright and supple. Lemongrass helps in balancing the ph level of the skin which brings down the sensitivity level. It is a good astringent and works on oily or dry and patchy skin helping in overall recovery of the epidermal layer.  If you want to work on the ph level of your skin and bring down its sensitivity, walk into at River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Scrubs and Massage services in Chennai.

Lemongrass Scrub freshens your mind delight.

As you come to River Salon and Day Spa you will feel lost with the aroma floating in the air. The lemongrass oil smell in the air will freshen your mind, get you into the mood of physical wellness and delight. As the scrub is put on your body it will help in the circulation of the blood, exfoliation of the skin which is necessary for a skin-facing a breakout. The overall immunity of the dermal layer increases many folds. The anti-inflammatory property of lemongrass helps in bringing down the pain and inflammation on the skin due to any boils or rashes. It helps in neutralizing the free radicals which can be harmful. Lemongrass has essential oil which purifies the skin and it is used in scrubs as well as for aromatherapy treatment at spas and massage parlors. If you want to glow and shine with healthy skin come to River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Lemongrass Scrub and Massage services in Chennai.