Papaya Wrap

Papaya Wrap

Cream Texture Pack Will Take Care Your Skin Texture - River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai

Eating fruits is good for the body. The antioxidants present in it help the body to get rid of the toxins. Among all fruits, Papaya is called the “Wonder Fruit” due to its wonderful effect on the body. It is high on fiber which makes it good for the digestive system and helps in flushing out the extra fluid from the body. Salon and spas have also added body wraps made out of this wonderful fruit to pass on the magical effect to their clients. Papaya originated in Central America the use of the fruit in salons originated in this part of the world. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which is said to break down tough muscle protein so it is given to people as a supplement to improve digestion. The magical potion of papaya wrap is good for the exfoliation of the skin, come at River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Papaya Wrap Massage spa in Chennai.

Pack of Goodness With Young look - Papaya Wrap in Chennai

Papaya contains alpha hydroxyl which is good for aging skin. One of the reasons the spas and salons have started using it in face masks and body wraps. People have seen the advantage of using it and now it is picking up in popularity. It works on the fine lines and wrinkles of aging skin and leaves behind a much younger and supple epidermal layer. It is to be kept for just twenty minutes and then washed away with the help of soap and water. It can be used twice a week to see the maximum goodness of the fruit on the skin. To feel your skin glowing and looking younger come for a body wrap treatment and massage at our best spa in Chennai.


Relief with Refreshing Mind and Body - Papaya Wrap

Papaya juice combined with lemon juice cures blemishes and rashes on the skin. Young children tend to have such breakouts on their skin which is painful. The treatment with papaya body wrap is quite useful in such cases. It needs to be applied for just ten minutes and then it is washed away with the help of warm water. The relief and effect of the wrap can be felt within a few days of usage. Many a time unwanted growth of hair on the face is a bother for many girls and ladies. The papaya wrap is also great for such cases. Papaya wraps which is mixed with other essential oils and herbs like turmeric tend to lighten the color of the hair present on the skin and weaken the hair follicle and do not allow regrowth of the hair. To treat your face with natural fruits and essential oil come to River Salon & Day Spa for a body wrap treatment and massage at our best spa in Chennai.

Papaya Wrap Works Well for Skin Smoothness

Papaya is high in Vitamin E and Vitamin C which is extremely good for the skin. The use of papaya wrap lightens the skin tone and works on the overall complexion of the person. The skin gets treatment for sunburn and patchy texture due to its regular usage. The wrap is good for aging people who want to look younger as it works on wrinkles and even for young people who want a clean and radiant skin. If you are looking for an overall care for your skin come to River Salon & Day Spa for a body wrap treatment and massage at our best spa in Chennai.