Sea Salt Scrub

Sea Salt Scrub

Take care of Yourself with Traditional Method Sea Salt Scrub - River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai

Sea salt is said to be a good scrub due to its coarse quality. Use of sea salt in bathing was an Egyptian ritual. All of us want to scrub our skin clean before any special occasion. Various kinds of scrub are used in the market these days. If we add salt to our bathing water it works on the overall stress and aches of muscles and joints. Many kinds of diseases like eczema have found their resolution in salt scrubs. It is useful for many kinds of skin ailment. It brings down skin sensitivity by taking away the dead cells, dirt, and pollution sticking to the epidermal layer. If you need to take care of sensitive skin come to River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Sea Salt Scrub Massage Spa in Chennai.

Remove Oil and Feel Fresh with the Best Scrub of Sea Salt Scrub.

In hot and humid places, the skin tends to be more sensitive to bacterial infections. Due to excess sweat the skin has a tendency to be oily and itchy. Usage of salt scrub which has essential oils mixed with it helps in taking away the dead skins and helps the dermal layer to clear away the excess oil and dust from the body. A scrub once a week in a hot climate keeps the skin clean and healthy. Salts help the skin to detox and absorb hydration which usually gets blocked due to heat and secretions of the skin. If you want to get rid of any kind of skin irritation, come to River Salon and Day Spa and let our healers pamper you with a scrub and massage with aromatic oil for the Best Sea Salt Scrub Massage Spa in Chennai.


Sea Salt Scrub Make A Healthy Skin Cells.

Many kinds of salts are used in a scrub. Each salt has different kinds of minerals. They contain magnesium and potassium which is good for the epidermal layer. It helps in rejuvenating the skin by balancing the ph level and reducing the fatigue of the body. These salts are available in different fragrance. The client can make their own choice. An orange-based salt scrub helps in treating acne. A lemongrass-based salt scrub helps in treating migraines and in bringing down stress levels of the mind and body. Lavender and rose based salt scrub help in treating skin infections and leave the skin soft and supple. To look beautiful and bright come to River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Scrubs and Massage services in Chennai.

Gain Natural Minerals for Skin With Scrub Of Sea Salt Scrub

Salts naturally evaporated from the sea are full of minerals. The magnesium in the scrub helps in taking out the toxins and reduces any inflammation present. Dead skin tends to become thick and patchy which affects the overall skin quality. The overall usage of scrub and massage is great for the blood circulation making the skin full of life and health. Once the dermal layer gets cleansed it becomes easy for new cells to grow and take its place. Usage of scrub not only helps in regeneration of skin but also helps in toning up by working on the wrinkles on different parts of the body. To improve the overall look, texture and feel of the skin come and spend some time with our healers. Try our Sea Salt Scrub Massage at River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai.