Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Renew Your Body & Regaining Energy with Enthusiastically at River Salon and Day Spa

Athletic training has been a combination of athletic practice, exercises, and massages to strengthen the body and recover from training injuries. This dates back to the ancient ages especially in Russia where sports people and dancers were put on strict fitness programs. In Asia, we find dancers and people learning martial art practicing Yoga and going for massage sessions for fitness and strengthening the body. If we dig deep in history, we find its traces in India and China. James Cyriax a doctor by profession developed orthopedic medicine in the form of massage for sports people. It consists of a deep kneading technique of friction in its massaging technique. If you are a sportsman then walk into our best spa in Chennai.

Overcome from Pain and Recover your Muscles Strength

There are three kinds of sports massage. The first one is the massage given to the sportspeople to strengthen their muscles and tone up their body. The second massage is given to an injured athlete to bring back the body to its original form. This is done to overcome the wear and tear in the body. Post the recovery the third massage is used to keep the form intact which is given as a maintenance measure to the body. Like all massages, one of the major reasons for taking a massage is to regain flexibility and increase blood circulation in the body. If you are into sports and you feel you need to tone up your muscles walk in for a Best massage Center in Chennai.

Feel Free Breathe, and Our Healers will Take care of Your Pain Reproduce your Energy.

At our spa, you will find our therapist using various methods to heal the clients out of their pain. It would include the use of friction, vibration, stroking techniques to bring relief to the person receiving the massage. The sports massage concentrates on unknotting the tension felt in the muscle and get the sportsman back to the field. The healers work on the muscles, tendons, and connective tissue to relax the person in pain. As soon as the muscles and the lymph nodes relax the blood circulation increases which is again a sign of relief and the body getting functional and healthy. An everyday workout is tensing and people tend to get tired and relax in an aromatic environment where trained hands tend to the tired muscles with loads of care. If you are looking for personalized attention to relax and feel your body breathing  easy  come at River Salon and Day Spa for a Best massage in Chennai.


Better up Yourself with Sports Massage - River Salon and Day Spa.

A relaxed body and mind perform any job better. So, to increase flexibility and enhance your performance it is good to go ahead with a sports massage. All sportspeople are under tremendous pressure to perform. A tensed mind in turn tenses the entire body so to lower down the stress it is always good to relax in a spa with healers massaging your head to relieve the accumulated stress. A loosened-up body is high on flexibility and the chances of the athlete taking up an injury on the field become less. Massages works hugely on the muscles which have gone stiff. A stiff body does not allow the metabolic waste to flow easily through the body. So, if your body is calling out for attention and care walk into River Salon and Day Spa for best sports massage spa in Chennai.