Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage with Adoring Care in River Salon and Day Spa

The name Swedish massage came from its pioneer Per Henrik Ling, due to the techniques of fingers followed in this massage. It contains long manual strokes, kneading of the muscles, and encourages strong circulation of blood. It works like magic on tightened up muscles and ligaments of the body. It helps in reducing the tension in body parts that have tightened up due to overwork, tension, or busts an emotionally uptight body. To relax your overworked self, walk into our spa for a world-class experience of best massage in Chennai.

Best Massage of Swedish Massage Works In your Body and provide Alleviation.

This massage is specially prescribed for people with backache or neck pain. Due to long strokes and kneading it relieves the pain in the affected area.  Today’s sedentary lifestyle contributes a lot to people gathering pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, especially for people who are sitting in a chair and working through the day. This massage helps in loosening up the body and relaxing the tensed muscles through the strokes of the therapists. Continuous deep circular motions made on the body and near the joints of the body helps in stimulating the nerve ends and strengthening the blood circulation in the body. Loosen up and relax with the aroma of oils and give you the much-needed relaxation to your nerve ends provided by our healers, walk into our best spa in Chennai.

Swedish Massages Benefits with the Traditional Methods

Traditionally a Swedish massage does not concentrate on a particular part of the body. It usually entails the massage of the entire body. The massage usually starts from the back and then the flip side is massaged. The customer can ask the therapist to concentrate on a certain point where they feel the muscles are tensed or painful. The therapists use different kinds of oils and lotion to relax the tensed muscles in the body. The beautiful aroma fills the room giving a sense of relaxation to the mind and the body. Experience this beautiful experience by walking into our best massage spa in Chennai.


Workout of Massage Reproduces the Flexibility and Leisure.

Swedish massage is a gentle touch massage good for people who are new to the concept of massage. It helps in undoing any knots in the body and completely relaxes.  Long strokes flowing in the direction of the heart helps in increasing the blood flow in the body. Swedish massage when combined with regular exercises helps in getting over-exercise fatigue which is usually the case with people regularly with workouts. In turn, helps people working out in gyms with extra flexibility. To experience our services, walk into our best spa in Chennai.