Thai Body Massage

Thai Body Massage

Deem Relax and Malleable with Thai Body Massage at River Salon and Day Spa

Thai massage is an old medicinal technique which came into existence 2500 years ago. Buddha's friend Shivago Kompara, an expert in medicine used to practice this therapy. This style of massage was developed in the temples of Thailand which was practiced by the people in the villages and they named it NuadPhaenBoran meaning the Thai massage. This style of massage is unique in its style and expression which makes it a new form massage for the customers. The therapists use their hands, thumb, elbow and even the feet in the process of giving massages. The stretching exercises provided during the process is a completely new experience for people. It helps people to relax immediately. To experience this massage and get a stress-free mind and body walk into our best spa in Chennai.

With Gentle Pressure of Definitive Massage - River Salon and Day Spa

When you feel tired and want to get rid of the hurt racking your body you must take advantage of this massage. The trained hands of our professionals will soothe your body by putting gentle pressure on your body and giving your nerves a slight stretch, which will help in relieving the pain. There are two kinds of Thai massage available, they differ in style as they treat energy points in the body differently. The Thai head massage is very famous all across the world. The healers treat the stressed-out muscles of the face, neck and head. The process of compression, kneading and circular motions helps in relieving pain in the most sensitive areas of face and neck. To enjoy this session, walk into our best massage spa in Chennai.

Worry-free of Pain Our Healers Take Care of You

The balanced hand of our healers helps people feel comforted from the pain which had been worrying them for a long time. When you feel just putting up your feet is not helping to get rid of the fatigue you are feeling try the Thai massage from people who can really make a difference in attaining physical health. This massage is said to stimulate energy levels in the body and helps people in getting comforting sleep. It has an overall welcome effect on the entire body be it bones, nerves, skins, etc. In your walk of life, you do not know when you gather a painful knot and which part of the body is getting difficult to handle. It is at this point you need our care and trained hands to take care of you. So just walk into our best spa in Chennai.


Get Back your Renew, and Fresh Mind and Body Walk Out Happily

Our healers help people with chronic headaches with the help of their massage techniques. The methodology is also good for lymph and blood which helps in good circulation of blood which is good for the heart. The flexibility of the body increases greatly due to the stretches in the process of the massage. Many sports people who tend to get injured during the process of training tend to work with trained therapists to gain back flexibility and health. To renew your love for a healthy body and mind walk into our best spa in Chennai.

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