Whether you’re looking for stress relief from your everyday life, pain relief or just relaxation, our range of massage therapies offer it all. With special emphasis on special massage services, such as foot reflexology, deep tissue massage, Thai, Swedish & Balinese massage, we ensure that we offer you a complete range of head to toe massage spa therapies that encourages total relaxation of the body and mind.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage offers a calming relief to the entire body. It helps alleviate fatigue and muscle stiffness that is caused by the everyday routine grind. It helps improve circulation and relieves everyday tension and stress.


Thai Massage

Treat your body, mind and spirit to an extraordinary and complete de-stressing, reviving, experience with traditional Thai massage therapy from River Day Spa.


Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is a composite of different schools of traditional massage therapies that combines acupressure, reflexology and aroma therapy. It is an amalgamation of traditional Chinese medicines and Indian Ayurvedic techniques.


Deep Tissue Massage

Our Special Deep Tissue Massage targets deeper tissue structures of the facial and body muscles. it is focussed on pains and aches that use techniques that assist your body’s natural healing process.


Sense of Siam Massage

Sense of Siam massage combines yoga & acupressure techniques to manipulate your body’s internal energy by using pressure points and palm pressure.


Detoxifying Massage

The detoxifying massage is a gentle touch massage that stimulates blood flow throughout the body. It helps reduce inflammations caused by lymphatic nodes.


Sports Massage

Sports Massages from River Day Spa helps prevent injuries, improves endurance, reduces fatigue, promotes flexibility and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance.


Abhyangam Ayurvedic Massage

This is a warm ayurvedic herbal oil treatment that combines intuitive movements with rapid choreographed strokes with an integration of acupressure points.


Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology massage is a pressure point treatment, aims at unlocking stagnant energy in the body by activating the corresponding reflex areas of the feet.


Synchronized Massage

Our synchronized massage services offer you total pampering with two different therapists combining massages to give you complete relaxation. For instance, the head and toes are massaged at the same time offering full reprieve.


Head & Toe Aroma Massage

Our Head & Toe aroma technique massage refreshes, hydrates and naturally soothes tired feet and head muscles thereby giving you complete relaxation. It aids in easing apprehension, irritability and nervousness.


Couple’s Massage

Couple massage in Chennai is the most romantic massage therapy and a wonderful, lovable, fun, soothing, personal experience.

Body Scrub


Fruit Scrub

Our fruit scrub leaves you with a refined skin texture, even toned and softened and satin-like skin. The exfoliator used with the scrub facilitates deep pore cleansing all over the body, removing dry and rough skin, leaving it refreshed and smooth.


Coffee Scrub

Filled with antioxidants, Coffee Scrub from River Day Spa will help neutralize the effects of drying, aging and dead skin cells. It helps remove residual dirt, exfoliates skin, leaving you looking fresher, younger and totally moisturized.


Lemon Grass Scrub

The Lemon Grass Scrub creates is the best way to commence your renewing ritual. The sea salt used helps to re-mineralise and re-energise your skin. Combine the journey with a full body massage and a body wrap for a complete package of skin renewal and rejuvenation.


Sea Salt Scrub

The Sea Salt Scrub triggered by the healing power of the salts, offers revitalizing stress relief to tired muscles while removing dry, rough skin. It helps in re-mineralising and moisturizing the skin. It is an ideal treatment option to rejuvenate dry, dehydrated and parched skin.

Body Wrap


Raspberry Wrap

Raspberry wrap would help you to feel rejuvenated and fresh after a pure indulgence. We have complete packages that have been designed for making you good about yourself.


Mango Wrap

Mango has magical properties when it comes to beauty treatments. So imagine how good and beautiful you would feel inside out when you could indulge in the pure goodness of this fruit.


Chocolate Wrap

Chocolate has wide therapeutic properties which is guaranteed to elevate your mood and senses. Our team of experts are trained and skilled in pampering your senses through their skills.


Papaya Wrap

Papaya has the goodness of Vitamin C, enzymes and potassium which are vital to revitalize and soften the skin. The papine, in the fruit removes all the skin impurities and leaves you refreshed and young.


River Day Spa’s professional massage services in Chennai will ensure that you leave feeling rejuvenated. It aids speed healing from injuries, reduces mental stress, increases lymph and blood circulation, loosens tight muscles and will relax you. Here is a gist of the special massage services menu that you can experience at River Day Spa….

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