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River Salon & Day Spa is a place to relax and take a walk back to health and beauty at a leisurely pace along with our therapists and healers. Established in the year 2017 we take pride in our style of treatment which is an assortment of ancient practices as mentioned in the scriptures and the modern techniques practiced in spas and salons. Our first spa was established in Chennai at Egmore. At River Salon & Day Spa, we welcome people of all age groups. We pride ourselves as one of the best Unisex salons in Chennai. As you walk into our spa your senses get engaged in the aromatic environment of health and beauty. With the help of our beauticians and therapists, you will be updated regarding the latest trends of fashion prevailing and we will customize a treatment plan to suit your need. As you heal your hair and skin listening to the melody and gratifying your senses we work on your charm with professional expertise at our Best hair spa in Chennai.

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We work with the latest gadgets and technology available across the world. With the help of our research team, we combine the gift of knowledge passed on by our ancestors with the latest techniques available. The anti-aging scrub, body wraps, and massages are our signature techniques unique to our spa. A young woman’s prerequisite and demand for beauty are varied. We work on such demands with fondness and care. Some of the best pedicures, manicures, Bridal makeup and hairstylists work with us. They possess a wealth of experience by being in business for many years. We help young adults by giving them a new look with the help of our beauticians. Our aging clients keep faith with our treatment style and are able to work on their skin tone and our massages heal them back to health and youth.

Beauty Is Power, Your Smile Is Its Word

A young would-be-bride as she steps into our world, her dream becomes our destination. We stitch her dream with our hands working on her skin, hairdo, and the latest style of makeup which suits the skin tone and personality of the bride. To enhance your charm and your style our beauticians will suggest you new hairdo which will bring out a new you. Come to River Salon & Day Spa and consult our hairstylists for the latest haircut at our best spa in Chennai. We explore the best beauty practices in the industry across the world and in-house it to pass on the benefit to our customers. We are located at 2 places in Chennai come to become a part of our institution and explore the world of grace and appeal.